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Latest ad from Nikki features her husband;

There has been a viral, near electrical buzz going around the Internet about some scurrilous rumor about Nikki Haley, our favorite candidate for Governor of the state of South Carolina.

Don’t you believe it.

That simple.

We’ve seen this movie before. Sarah Palin is not the mother of her own child, Sarah Palin is divorcing, Sarah is moving out of family home in Alaska, etc., ect.

Let’s not even start about the mudslinging that went on during both the primary and the general election in 2008. Hillary, McCain, Palin, and a whole lot of others. All the while, the real fiasco, the truth of the affair of John Edwards, nobody knew anything about that!

Politics can be dirty anywhere, the US is no exception. Especially where a less known, tough-talking, principled, ideas-driven person is concerned – one as different as Nikki Haley, or Sarah Palin, – the scoundrels come out of the woodwork when least expected.

Within a few short days of getting endorsement by Sarah Palin, and Nikki having benefited with a double-digit lead, the character assassination begins. Such is politics.

Go read the Facebook page of Governor Sarah Palin. She said eloquently, forcefully and from the heart. There is little that can be added.


As the say, Truth Triumphs!


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A new Rasmussen poll shows our girl Nikki Haley taking a lead in the race for the Governor of South Carolina. The election on June 8, 2010 is a Primary Election in which voters of both Republican and Democratic parties will chose their respective candidates for the final election – the US Midterm Election in November 2010. Nikki Haley is fighting to be nominated as the first female candidate of the Republican party, as the first woman of Indian parentage to contest in a state-wide election in South Carolina.

Rasmussen Poll Link.

Recently Nikki Haley got endorsement from the sensational, super-star of the Republican party, Sarah Palin. McCain-Palin ticket won the state of South Carolina in 2008. So, this is a great boost for Haley.

several political analysts say the “rock star sisterhood” of Palin and Sanford could be a big boost for Haley’s bid to be the state’s first woman governor.



In the above video clip, Sarah Palin refers to “a whole lot of people, proudly clinging to guns and religion.” at 1 Min:40 Sec mark. That is a sharp dig at candidate Obama who was caught by a journalist in 2008 deriding rural Americans for their faith and gun love. Ouch, that dig must hurt!

Also, note that Governor Palin refers to Nikki Haley, as a “home-grown girl”.

What a wonderful tribute, from an amazing woman.

There is in no doubt that Sarah Palin is a great force in American politics, her support to Nikki Haley will amount to at least 15-20 percentage points. That should give her a majority of the GOP turnout. Combine that with Nikkis’s personal charm, style and policy stances will yield rich dividends come November too.

Finally, note how towards the end of the clip above Sarah identifies fully with Nikki’s personal political journey.

Sarah Palin calls Nikki Haley a kindred spirit.

Hail Nikki Haley!

Hail Sarah Palin!


Nikki Haley Campaign Website Link.


Contributions to Nikki Haley, (U.S. citizens only, please!)

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