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The world is achanging.

Even as nature stirs pain and suffering from the west coast of India through the impoverished land of Burma to the heartland of China, with floods, typhoons and earthquakes, respectively, changes of other sort are washing over these same lands and peoples.

The king is gone, long live ??? in Nepal. A bittersweet moment for people as ancient as those all around them. It is good that Nepal is now a Republic and not monarchy. It is a shame there had to be acrimony, royal dementia and red tide upsurge. Where ever the communists have grabbed power in the world, they have not delivered. They come on strong, get the spirits up and then .. Nothing!

Communist mayhem in Nandigram, their tirades against the policies of any government in power, their abject performance in areas of ethics and accountability have dogged India.

The Nepali reds and their visceral opposition to the royals, finally culminated in a new flag being hoisted in Khatmandu.

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Few people outside of India realize that India is not a Hindu country! 

This is specially true of Americans, generally so wise and full of goodwill. But going by their general level of awareness of the world, and more stunningly based on their exposure to the modern media even in this digital world, Americans simply assume or easily buy into the Hindu India notion.  This takes on an even more canonical aura of a given in the framework of Hindu India versus Muslim Pakistan meme. What this does is fill the American minds with visions of tensions that don’t exist, and contrariwise to be blind to tensions that do exist. 

The liberals laud Indian body politic for its pluralistic, open, multiparty system. The conservatives look to cheer the economic open market practices and increased access to investment and trade. All Americans happily will accept India as this exotic land of some very smart people who are at odds against nature and fellow man across the aisle in a genteel assembly. They all miss what Indians have known all along. Dr. Babu Suseelan writes:  


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