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A mosque is being built at Ground Zero near where the World Trade Center towers collapsed during the September 11 attacks on America.

Just a few hundred yards from where the jihadists’ planes crashed into the towers, a Muslim building will open, that too on the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

The Cordoba Mosque is being touted as a peace initiative, but it is a two faced outrage. A hundred years from now, would someone even remember that there stood in that place what were once the world’s two tallest buildings, built by a people known as The Americans?

Imagine that for a moment.  Ever wonder what lay under the Dome of the Rock in Israel?  Does anyone ever doubt the recorded story of what lay in the past of Haghia Sophia in Turkey?

But then, it is possible that the Americans have lost their mind!

Now think about this:  why is it so hard for people to even allow the speculation that the Taj might not be what it is today.

History repeats itself, winners get to re-write the narrative.

In fact history needs to be re-written first before a civilization can re-invent itself, recreate itself. Else, it simply continues as a fossil replica. At the very least, people should stare at history with a cold hard eye, untainted by romanticism, poetry and unverified data. That is all IU is saying.

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The timeless wonder of Taj Mahal is a gift that keeps on giving, in more ways than one.

A nice round up of the lore, the legacy, the controversy, and the alternative view that Taj Mahal was actually Tejo Mahalaya (Professor P.N. Oakh), a Hindu Rajasthani temple – and other such notions –  all are  presented nicely in this round-up.


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Few people outside of India realize that India is not a Hindu country! 

This is specially true of Americans, generally so wise and full of goodwill. But going by their general level of awareness of the world, and more stunningly based on their exposure to the modern media even in this digital world, Americans simply assume or easily buy into the Hindu India notion.  This takes on an even more canonical aura of a given in the framework of Hindu India versus Muslim Pakistan meme. What this does is fill the American minds with visions of tensions that don’t exist, and contrariwise to be blind to tensions that do exist. 

The liberals laud Indian body politic for its pluralistic, open, multiparty system. The conservatives look to cheer the economic open market practices and increased access to investment and trade. All Americans happily will accept India as this exotic land of some very smart people who are at odds against nature and fellow man across the aisle in a genteel assembly. They all miss what Indians have known all along. Dr. Babu Suseelan writes:  


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