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Click to go to Tablet.com's podcast page

Click to go to Tablet.com's podcast page

You never know what you run into when you just drift along, and let the surf take you where it will. That’s the joy and beauty of leisurely Internet browsing.

The above image and link popped up unexpectedly while meandering from site to site, and somewhere along the way I stopped at The Kamla Show – that post is coming later – and before you knew it, I am exploring the Baghdadi Jews & Bombay Cinema connection.

Turns out, very early in Bombay’s film history, before Bollywood became a world wide word, Jewish women were starring in Hindi films in Bombay! Who knew!!

Wonders and discoveries never cease. Enjoy this excellent podcast from a terrific Jewish web site that takes great pains to record history and experience.


Hindustan Times Tribute to Silent Screen - Jewish Women of Hindi Cinema

The Hindustan Times has a nice collection of nostalgia plates.


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