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It is impossible to live in America and avoid sports talk. It is like the air we breath in!  India on the other hand is .. well, India. It’s different over there. Everything is different over there. Or so I thought until…..

It has been a while since I looked at Indian sports news. Being an NFL fan myself, there is not much time or inclination to wallow in cricket a la sub-continental native.

The typical Indian is concerned with only one sport: cricket, from birth to death. Whether the kirket that is played and fussed over is the ‘stylish’ version ie. with stumps, bats and red ball, or the ‘street version’ ie. with any old piece of lumber used to swat just about anything somewhat round and bouncy, or the ‘truly native version’ that makes middle class masses say with pride, ‘the Indian cricket’ ie. the gilli – dunda made of a sturdy tree branch; almost all Indians are athletic in their own limited way.

After all, as the Americans might say, for the most part ‘there is no future in it.’  Yet, cricket remains a magnificent obsession of the day time, just as movies continue to be of the night time. A few elites and middle class intellectual aside, who may be forgiven their innate compulsion to honestly bask in thereflected glory of emerging greats of international chess – Viswanathan Anand – the masses of India seem to continue to love their kirket. That’s where the rub is.

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