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{If readers are willing, and Ganesha consenting, this will mark the start of a yet another series. VOTARIES & VISIONARIES will be just that. A spotlight on some very productive, visionary and informative people – regardless of their origin or current location –  whose singular achievement is to show an India that is Unfinished in the best sense. Writers, broadcasters and advocates, great men and women with voice, who see in India a rising tide of good tidings. This category of posts is a salute to the strong voices of Praise India , if you will. Even critical but constructive rants will be featured. Happy Reading, we have a very strong subject to lead off with!}

Kamla Bhatt is, to put it simply, Extraordinary. How so, you say? Listen to this none too humble a goal:

We need heroes and role models that are relevant to the new and emerging India. There are hundreds of stories out there of inspiration, motivation and innovation waiting to be discovered and told. I am passionate about getting those stories told and heard,

And, indeed she delivers, day after day, post after relentless post, video after endless stream of video. Poet, pauper, philosopher, merchant prince, or prince turned merchant: all are grist for the mill of what is nowadays simply called the Kamla Show.

Among the knowledgeable, the show is a phenomenon. The Wall Street Journal’s Indian siding, Live MINT’s radio show, Livemint Radio harbours Kamla Show.


Click to open Kamla Show

The show, the podcast, the blog, the persona- Kamla Bhatt is the voice of India on the Internet.

The sheer range and volume of her topics and subjects simply takes the breath away. One is just left to wonder, where does she find time, and, where does the energy come from. Well, it’s got to be a true labor of love and passion for expression and exploration. But, also love of India in there clearly, but you be the judge. First partake of a few offerings from her extensive, exhaustive archives.

Check out Kamla Bhatt on Youtube too!

Consider for example, a conversation with Pico Iyer, on a wide ranging issues.

A more recent show captured the flavor of a Hare Krishna Rath Yathra in San Francisco.

Here is a video to go with that post.

A fascinating conversation with Flower Silliman discusses her reminiscenses of Mahathma Gandhi, and her life in Bomaby cinema before there was Bollywood the foolish word/world. That conversation centered around the role of Baghdadi Jewish women in early Hindi Cinema (one of IU’s earlier posts “When Hindi films went Jewish”).

Any worthy journalist can not do without the mandatory ‘cab driver interview’. Bhatt talks to a septugenarian Sharma, of Delhi. Listen here. Her interest goes beyond the human interest or the banal. Using Hindi and English she elicits a portrait of India in flux, India Unfinished.

For the Obama junkies, there is an interview with Prof. Paul Kapur about Obama’s South Asian policy.

Have you ever wondered what really happened between India and China that long ago during the 1962 war, when India under Nehru-Menon got it’s clock cleaned.  Kamla’s guest, Rajesh Rajagopalan, sheds a ray of light.

Diwali Around the World is a delightful romp.

You can read about the great ho-hums of India such as  Shyam Benegal, Amin Sayani, MiraNair, Madhur Jaffrey and others just about any where, and Kamla does feature them with her own brand of special keenness.

But, where else could you read about  jazz musician Rudresh Mahanthappa, google video sensations Smrithi Mandhra, and  Ben Rekhi, writer Anita Nair, cinematogrpher V. K. Murthy, the unsung man who filmed Guru Dutt movies for 30 years. Who knew!!

Kamla scores a triumph in her great chats with Indian legends in IT such as the delightfully named Ninja Srinivasan of Yahoo, Padamsee Warrior of Cisco, Ashish Gupta of Helion, Suresh Narasimha of Bluetooth and countless others.

Kamla, too, features dozens of young and upcoming artists, enterepreneurs, cross-over adventurers and a whole cast of interesting personae.

Undoubtedly, caveat here, examples cited and linked here are random, chosen for no special reason. Don’t let this selection bias you in any way. In point of truth, the Kamla show is a veritable, inexhaustible smorgasbord that leaves you craving for more.

Kamla - Twitter

Kamla - Twitter

Lest one thinks Kamla is all intellection and no fun, fret not. She is witty, and funny.

According to a recent tweet from her, she can enjoy Jimmy Buffet, and Indian dinner at the same time (and along the tweet-way also drops us a tip on the Buffets’ lineage). How about that for commingling two great classics.

Now, you get an idea of why IU thinks the real classic here is Kamla!


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